Facebook Page Management

Team Social provide Facebook Page Management. We create a bespoke monthly Facebook management plan. You ONLY pay for the services you actually require.


Facebook Page Management

A Facebook Page Management service means different things to different people.

Our bespoke management service is provided as a bolt-on to the existing services we provide. As you and your Facebook audience grow, our bolt-on service can grow to accommodate your needs. Many of our clients find that our monthly social media marketing service already includes what they consider to be facebook management services.

Do You Really Need A Facebook Management Service?

First up, are you sure you need Facebook Page Management? If you’re simply looking for someone to create and publish Facebook Marketing messages or just keep your Facebook Page active, take a look at our monthly Social Media Marketing Service.

Bespoke Does Not Mean Expensive

There is no such thing as an out-of-the-box service that fits all clients. That’s why we create a bespoke Facebook Management service for each client. Bespoke does not mean expensive. In fact, our bespoke service is designed to be affordable and maximise your ROI by ensuring you only pay for for the aspects of page management you actually need and use.

Facebook Page Management services can include:

  • Visitor interactions such as comments, reviews, visitors posts and messages.
  • Liking other pages and sharing posts by followers and other Facebook pages.
  • Customer Enquiries.
  • Adding & Removing Products & Services to & from your Facebook Shop/Service Page.
  • Creating & managing Facebook Events.
  • Creating & managing Facebook Offers.
  • Creating & Managing Facebook Advertising Campaigns.
  • Creating & managing Competitions.
  • Interacting with your Suppliers & Clients Facebook Pages.

The list goes on and on. Call us on 0800 8044 355 so we can find out what you need and what you don’t need. We can then provide you with a no obligation quote.


Social Media Management
Monthly Bolt-On
A bespoke service created for your requirements.
Call 020 3940 9800 for Quote
Available as a 'Monthly Bolt-On' to our Social Media Marketing & Social Media Content Writing Services.
Our objective is to provide you with the lowest costing outsourced social media management service in the UK.
Price is dependent on YOUR specific requirements and varies by Social Media Network.

Facebook Marketing Monthly (Option 1)
Fee Per Month
10 Marketing Messages per Month
£74.99 One Time Set Up Fee
10 Custom Marketing Messages per Month
Analytics & Statistics provided by Facebook Insights.
One-Time Set Up Fee covers the cost of optimising your Facebook Business Page, making it ready for our marketing activity.

Facebook Active DAILY
Fee Per Month
Keeping your Facebook Business Page active daily
1 Daily Marketing Message
FREE Facebook Marketing Video
Analytics & Statistics provided by Facebook Insights

Pro Facebook Page Content
Fee Per Month
Professional Facebook Marketing Content
3 Daily Facebook Posts
1 Marketing Video EVERY MONTH
Bespoke Marketing Plan
Messages Scheduled 7 days in advance
FREE Social Media Tool Account
FREE Facebook Marketing Video
FREE Facebook Page Optimisation

A quiet or inactive Facebook page is a missed opportunity to engage with past and existing customers, while attracting new customers.

We keep up with the technology and the facebook trends. We live and breathe memes, mash-ups, microblogging and hashtags so that you don't.

We keep working for you while you're otherwise engaged with sales, meetings, holidays, sick-days etc.

An active Facebook page takes dedication and resource. There's a cost of time and people. Time that could be better spent elsewhere on your business.

You continue to use your Facebook page as normal. We encourage you to post your very latest business and customer updates.

Our team of content writers schedule all of the Facebook daily posts 7 days in advance, giving you time to review, edit and even reschedule the messages via your Client Control Panel.

We have 9 years expertise and experience of managing Facebook pages for our clients. We generate over 1 million clicks per month to online content for our clients in the UK and USA. These are real click engagements by real customers, via Social Media to our clients online content.rs.

We engage your Facebook followers with the perfect mix of marketing messages and related content. In addition to your services and products we use information from your website along with industry facts, trivia and tips.