About Team Social

Team Social is a Social Media Management Company based in the UK. We provide a diverse range of clients throughout the U.K. with a variety of Social Media Services.

Social Media Content

We write your Social Media Content, creating the perfect mix of marketing messages and related content. We use information from your website along with industry facts, trivia and tips.

Social Media Management

We manage your Social Media Accounts, while you manage your business. Using our SMM Platform, we’re creating your content 7 days in advance. You have 24/7 access, enabling you to join in whenever you like.

Social Media Marketing

Everything we do is Social Media Marketing. The SMM Platform, the content writing, the SM account management. It’s all about Social Media Marketing using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN. We’re your Social Media Marketing team.

Team Social was founded by Fox Tucker, a leading Internet Marketing Consultant with 20 years experience. Fox and his team managed Social Media accounts for a number of clients since 2006. Back then it was just an add-on activity for clients of his core services including Internet Marketing Consultancy, Website Design and Organic Search Engine Optimisation.

These clients all had one thing in common. They definitely didn’t get into business for themselves to sit and mess about on social media. They were either too busy to do it themselves, didn’t know how to do it or simply did not want to do it.

More and more individuals and organisations approached Fox and his team to look after their business social media. In 2015 he decided to make our services more widely available. Ta Da… He called it Team Social.

We took all we had learned from managing social media accounts for our clients and created affordable Service Packages to suit most types of businesses across the popular social media networks. We have since become a leading provider of social media management, marketing and advertising services.

In 2017, we started providing 1-to-1 social media training for individuals and organisations.

Most of our clients just want us to get on with it. We are their trusted Social Media Team.

If you have any questions. Call our Office on 0800 8044 355.